Why Book FRiSK?

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Not just another function band…

After all, you’re not planning a “function” are you?  You’re planning a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, a garden party, a Christmas party… Whatever it is, you’ll want it to be more than “functional” – and we can definitely help you with that!

We pride ourselves on being able to offer an exciting alternative to the norm, and being able to create a great atmosphere, whatever the occasion:  You want a laid-back festival vibe?  No problem.  Our portability and flexibility mean that we can play virtually anywhere and, if required, completely without amplification.  Alternatively, are you looking to fill a dance floor? Well, with our full lighting and PA system we are only too happy to oblige.  We are available as a six, or four-piece band as follows (see media page for examples of each):

  • Six-Piece Band

3-part male and female vocals (with sax and flute); Guitar; double bass; and cajon/percussion.

  • Four-Piece Band

3-part male and female vocals (with sax and flute) and Guitar.


One of the benefits of our set up is that we have a great deal of flexibility in situations/venues where sound levels are a concern.  Sound limiting devises are increasingly common and usually imposed on venues as a result of (or in order to avoid) complaints about the “noise” (we call it music!).  They work by cutting the power supply if the band or DJ reach a predetermined decibel threshold, the result is something of a mood killer.

But don’t worry! Our sonic flexibility and professional courtesies ensure that such devises are never a problem for you or your venue!

Huge Repertoire…

We have several hours of music (spanning the last 60 years) at our disposal.  To give you an idea of what that includes, download a copy of the FRiSK – Repertiore and remember we’re always happy to take one or two special requests or dedications in advance.

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